When I create my account, it says that the outgoing server is untrusted

If you have an SSL certificate for your site (dedicated IP required), which means that you may access your site from both http://www.yourdomain.com and https://www.yourdomain.com, you most likely purchased an SSL certificate which is applied to the www subdomain.

There is nothing wrong at all with your connection, but due to the fact that you probably don't need it, and that it is much more expensive, you will receive that error unless you purchase a multi-subdomain SSL cert.

Don't be worried though, as this is YOUR domain, and you trust yourself. It only means that when it checks against the SSL cert, it does not find the mail aspect in your mail.yourdomain.com, and instead finds www.yourdomain.com. It is just a warning to inform you, and may be ignored without issues. Most of the time, it is as simple as adding the SSL cert to the trusted list, so it no longer bothers you on subsequent send/receives.

If this is not acceptable, and you require an SSL cert which handles numerous subdomains, then please e-mail us at support@komputerking.com so that we may work with you to install the correct certificate you need. Please check with us first, as we should be able to assist you in obtaining a cheap certificate, and promise not to upsell you in later years (plus, we'll install it for you).
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